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Pro Ana Bites

Stop the Pro-Ana Madness

Stop Pro Ana!
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Pro-anorexia is proving to be a pervasive sub-culture on the internet, promoting anorexia and bulimia as conscious lifestyle choices, instead of the deadly diseases they are. We are here to say we have had enough of the internet culture and media images that support this.

THIS IS NOT a place to discuss your personal eating issues. You are welcome to introduce yourself, but do not do it by posting pictures or discussing your weight issues. We want to know that you are interested in the cause.

THIS IS a place to post petitions, rant about something you see that bothers you, rally people to take action, discuss what CAN be done about the harmful new trend.

-Trolling will NOT be tolerated. Not here, and not in someone else's journal. We are not here to harass other LJer's. You will banned- no warning.

-If you disagree with someone, find a constuctive way to let them know.

-Picture DO NOT have to be behind a cut. If you are worried about "triggers" you are in the wrong community.

-Problems, conflicts, issues, can be sent to pro_ana_bites@livejournal.com